Digital Marketing, Strategy, and Design.

About our agency.

The Farmdog Approach

At Farmdog, we are all about helping you find your customers, engage them, and make a lasting impression that keeps them coming back. From top to bottom, we've always got that Kung-Fu move stashed in our back pocket, just for you.


Define Brand Objectives.

Every engagement starts with defining the brand objectives. We use this process to get a thorough understanding of the brand and its goals. This is how we ensure that we are developing the best strategy for the assignment.


Conduct Research: Competitive analysis, industry insights.

After the objectives are defined, we conduct comprehensive competitive and industry research to make sure you are ahead of the curve.


Develop Digital Strategy and Goals.

Now that we understand what you are trying to achieve and how others are going about it, we develop the strategy that will get you to your brand objective and determine the digital goal that will help track our progress.


Campaign Execution.

We deploy the campaign to the marketplace, which usually involves creating the assets, trafficking the campaign, and an extensive QA process.


Measurement, Analysis, and Optimization.

After the campaign launch, we analyze, report, and optimize the campaign weekly in order to ensure maximum efficiency.